About Us

 Who are we?

Carpe Item™ is an online shop that works with many brands to give you access to the most interesting products on the Internet.

Innovation is our focus, so we try to be greener each time.

(For now, check our "Concious" collection!)



Why did we sell online?

  • It's simplier:

We think selling online offers us and you a comfort of having what you want without having to leave from your house. 


  • Selling online leads us to have worldwide shipping! 

We don't care if you are even from the Albanian Islands! We can get in there for you to have what you want! And with free shipping!


  • You can have the most unique wardrobe:

Indeed, if we started selling in some cities, anyone could have access to the same products and would probably have more chances of bump into the same clothes on another person. Everyone want to have original outfits.

  • It prevents climate change:

How many raw materials and CO2 expulsions should all the outlets of large companies consume?
In addition, large quantities of stocks are shipped and, ultimately, not sold and should be discarded. There is an incredible waste of materials and transportation in each of these stores produces huge amounts of greenhouse gases.

  • It lets us put our products cheaper:

Having an eco-friendly method, products are more expensive to fabric. Without having to maintain all these points of selling we can bring you the products on the cheapest prices affordable!


We are open to answer all your questions!

If you have any more doubts don't forget to contact us.

We love to know about you and your needs, so don't hesitate to share your opinion with us!


Finally, thanks for visiting our page, we really appreciate your time here.